Business Course

From hobby to thriving, profitable business

Gain the knowledge and confidence you need to create a profitable screen print business and build the career you dream of having.

Course Outline

Getting Started

We’ll start with the basics. A quick intro to screen printing as a business and what it takes to be profitable.

Choosing Your Niche

Many people think they need to market to everyone looking for custom apparel in order to be successful, but the reality is actually the opposite. The most successful shops have a specific niche they serve, and they do it really well. This session will guide you through choosing the right niche for your business.

Business Systems

This is a business, right? You’re going to need to do some official steps to make sure you’re ready to start selling your services. This session will cover business systems, automations, and other necessities to running a successful business.


Pricing has been done wrong in the industry for years. Let’s clear it up with a better understanding of how you should price your services. You’ll learn a profit-first approach and have the confidence you need to price any job accurately.

Production Operations

Just knowing how to print isn’t enough. You need to have a plan for your entire production process in order to be successful. We’ll cover an efficient strategy for your production operations. Part of this session will be spent watching me walk through an entire production process for a live order in my business.

Customer Service

The experience you provide your customer is more important than the quality of your work, and since the quality of your work is incredibly important, that’s saying a lot. How you treat your customer can make or break your business. Let’s cover how to do it correctly so your customers keep coming back again and again.


Now that we have all the information we need to start a business, it’s time for marketing. This final session we’ll cover finding your first customer, setting up yoru website, and reaching out to potential customers. We’ll also cover social media and email marketing.

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