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If you’re just getting started with screen printing, you have likely already found out there are a ton of great channels on YouTube for learning how to screen print. In fact, there are channels that are helpful even for shops that are 5-10 years into their business. The fact is that the screen print community, especially on YouTube, has created a ton of educational content and so many shops are more than willing to help each other out. It’s one of the things I love about this industry.

I’ve been watching YouTube videos about screen printing since around 2012 so I’ve come across hundreds of channels and probably thousands of helpful videos over the years. However, there have been some that have stood out above all the rest by providing quality, helpful tutorial videos about screen printing.

So, if you’re just getting started, or even if you’ve been printing for years, I think these are 10 of the top screen print channels you should follow. Some of these are more useful for getting started and some are better for shops who have been in business a few years, so I’m going to split them up below.

For those just getting started

If you’re just getting started with screen printing, some of the content you come across can be daunting. Thankfully there are some great channels that have been doing videos about their journey getting started so I think you’ll find them very relatable. Here are a few channels to key in on if you’re just starting your screen print journey. Pro tip: don’t go straight to the latest video on these channels. Go to their early videos and start there.

RhyBeats []

Rhy’s channel is one of my favorites. His shop is in his garage and he does live videos almost every day. Not always screen printing as he also does vinyl printing, heat transfer, DTF, and embroidery, but the videos are always great. He’s a super nice guy, too, which makes it even more enjoyable to watch his videos. He does more of a vlog style so you really get a sense of the full story for him, the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you want an honest look into what it’s like to run a print business from home, definitely subscribe to RhyBeats.

JoshIsTerrific []

Josh prints out of his garage using a Riley Hopkins 250 manual press. He’s done some great videos on DIY items he’s built (like a DIY exposure unit), so if DIY is your thing and you’re handing with woodworking, you’re going to enjoy Josh’s tutorials. He does a great job of explaining things in simple ways and doing some testing to prove (or disprove) some of the various questions and assumptions in screen printing, such as whether you need an underbase on dark garments.

Ryonet []

This one might be obvious and you’ve probably already found it, but it deserve mentioning. Ryonet is one of the largest distributors of screen printing supplies and equipment in the US so obviously it serves them well to create educational content. But, I’ll admit they’ve done a great job with it. Even in their early days (which I would recommend you go watch) they created educational videos that helped people get started in screen printing. Heck, watching Ryonet’s videos helped me get started.

Catspit Productions []

Now before you even click the link you can tell this is a very unique channel. Just the name alone screams unique. This guy is one-of-a-kind, for sure, but the dude is incredibly knowledgable about screen printing. He’s been making how-to videos for many, many years. Probably longer than anyone else. Be sure you dig through his archives as you’ll find a ton of valuable content that will help you get started.

BAAV Productions []

Baav has created a ton of great long-form videos that cover the entire process of screen printing a job. He does a lot of “day in the life” style videos that I find really helpful for anyone curious as to what all goes into being a screen printer. Baav has recently moved out of his basement and into a retail space, so it’s been interesting to see that transition. He also just upgraded his press but he’s still on a manual. He has his own retail brand and does embroidery in addition to the screen printing.

For those moving beyond screen printing at home

Golden Press Studios []

The “Golden Boys” at Golden Press are not only super talented but also entertaining to watch. They have a mixture of screen printing and graphic design content on their channel. All of their content is worth watching, but a lot of it is more of a vlog style in the sense of “come along for the ride while we grow our shop”. There’s a ton of value in this type of channel because it’s helpful to see/hear how they have come to certain decisions in their business and that can help you make those same decisions. They’ve recently moved to a new shop and acquired an automatic press, so if you’re interested in what that transition from manual to auto looks like, definitely subscribe to the channel. They’re top-notch guys who love to help, so check out their videos and don’t be afraid to send them a DM on Instagram. They’ll respond, trust me.

Lee Stuart []

Lee is a lot like Golden Press in that he’s just moved out of his basement into a new shop space and he’s recently moved to an automatic. Again, super valuable content to see that transition from manual to auto. Lee has also done a great job of creating a ton of “how-to” content since he basically chronicled his journey from a screen print newbie to professional so go back and watch his early videos for sure. Now he’s moved outside just screen printing into other decoration methods such as embroidery, heat applied graphics, DTG, and even a new laser. He creates excellent video content, he’s got a strong opinion about quality and work ethic, and he’s passionate about his death metal music.

Squeegee and Ink []

This channel is from Chessie at her UK based print shop, Squeegee and Ink. She really does a great job of creating how-to videos, especially the kind of videos where she becomes the tester to try out things so you don’t have to. She’s also got a great podcast that’s worth checking out. She answers a lot of viewer questions in her Printers Corner segments so definitely check out those videos as they are super helpful. She has her own brand, Blind Maggot, that she prints so if you’re wanting to start your own apparel line, you should be subscribed to her channel.

Taino Ink []

Taino Ink is another great channel where the owner, John Taino, takes you behind the scenes of his small print shop. Some of the content is vlog style and some of it is how-to style. He’s got a ton of great content either way. Lots of halftone videos and lots of “how to print this type of order” type of videos. John also does a great job of letting his personality shine in the videos and you really get a sense of how great a guy he is. He’s on my list of shop owners I’d like to meet some day and fall shop with.

ADubb Productions []

The guy behind this channel, Alan Wade, used to do music production and now he does apparel decoration. He’s just now learning how to do screen printing, so this channel is a bit different than the others. He has a lot of content on heat transfers, DTF, and embroidery so if you’re interested in any if those, check him out. He also uses a new screen technology for screen making for his screen printing. Involves no emulsion and essentially creates a totally new screen and mesh for every order. It’s not talked about much so it’s interesting to see how it’s working for him so far.

Just scratching the surface

There are so many more channels on YouTube that are worth checking out but these are some of my favorites and the ones I’ve gotten the most knowledge and encouragement from over the years.

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