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In a recent episode of the Startup Screen Printing Podcast, I had the privilege of sitting down with Darryl Shaper, a legal luminary who has transitioned from a distinguished career in law and technology to founding a law firm dedicated to aiding entrepreneurs and small businesses. Darryl shared invaluable legal advice for anyone venturing into the business world, advice that’s especially pertinent for those of us in the screen printing industry.

Who is Darryl Shaper?

Darryl’s journey from practicing law at Texas’s largest firm to embracing technology at Compaq, and finally revolutionizing legal assistance with his new firm, The Fixed Fee Law Firm, is nothing short of inspiring. His expertise in leveraging artificial intelligence for legal services, combined with a personal vendetta against the traditional, often unapproachable legal counsel, makes him the perfect ally for startups.

Essential Legal Steps for New Entrepreneurs:

Darryl emphasized several critical actions that new business owners should prioritize:

  1. Securing Your Business Domain: The first step towards establishing your brand identity is securing a domain name. Darryl warns of the risks of domain squatting and advises immediate purchase upon finding the right name.

  2. Forming an LLC: To safeguard personal assets and gain tax advantages, forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is crucial. Darryl outlined the simplicity of setting up an LLC and the benefits of choosing the right state for incorporation.

  3. Contracts and Agreements: From customer contracts to contractor agreements, having legal documents in place is essential for protecting your business and ensuring clarity in business transactions.

The Importance of Legal Foundation in Screen Printing:

For screen printing startups, Darryl’s advice underscores the importance of a solid legal foundation. Whether it’s protecting your unique designs through copyright law, understanding the intricacies of business contracts, or navigating employee relations, legal preparedness is key.

Key Takeaways and Next Steps:

  • Act swiftly to secure your business name online.

  • Consider the advantages of forming an LLC early in your business journey.

  • Recognize the importance of clear, legally binding contracts and agreements.

Call to Action:

I invite you to watch to the full conversation with Darryl Shaper on the Startup Screen Printing Podcast. His insights are a goldmine for anyone serious about laying a secure legal foundation for their business. And for those eager to dive deeper into the world of screen printing and entrepreneurship, stay tuned for more expert interviews and resources.


Darryl Shaper’s advice is a critical reminder of the legal aspects that should not be overlooked in the excitement of starting a new business. By focusing on these legal essentials, screen printing entrepreneurs can protect their business, their customers, and themselves from potential pitfalls down the road.

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